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Biochemical Test

Urease test

Biochemical Test
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Urease test

Urease Test

Urease is an enzyme that breaks the carbon-nitrogen bond of amides to form carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water. Members of genus Proteus are known to produce urease. Urease can be detected by plating bacteria onto an amide containing medium, specifically urea. When urea is broken down, ammonia is released and the pH of the medium increases. This pH change is detected by a pH indicator that turns pink in a basic environment. A pink medium indicates a positive test for urease.


Urease test


o    Inoculate slope heavily over the entire surface.

o    Incubate inoculated slope at 35-37C in a water bath or hot block or incubator.

o    Examine slopes after 4h and after overnight incubation.


Positive result purple/pink colour

Negative result colour of medium remains unchanged