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Biochemical Test

Biochemical Test
Agar Plates
Coagulase Test
The Catalase Test
Indole Test
Oxidase Test
Citrate Test
Optichin Test
Urease test


Welcome to our Microbiology Website.

On this website, we would like to share with you about one of the related topic in Microbiology, Biochemical Test.
The objectives of this website is to make the readers:


1.Understand the basic differences among differential, enriched, selective, and selective and differential media.


2.Recognize the role of such media in the isolation and identification of micro-organisms.


3.Demonstrate and interpret the IMViC set of tests.


4.List the biochemical basis of each IMViC reactions


5.List the specific products detected in positive of IMViC reactions.


6.List the specific IMViC test reagents.

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